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Anyhow, Special THANKS to all who has helped us through these past years! Thanks to everyone!

One thing I can say is to hold your Children close, and hug them even tighter! I've seen allot of kids having hard times in the past years including my own so if you'd like to do something nice for someone then visit the Children's Hospitals near They can always use DVD players, Games, Videos, Coloring books, whatever you think you can spare. Use your imagination!
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A Lifetime of FREE Updates!
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Hello and thanx for visiting this page!  I've been designing Websites since about '95 mostly under the Domain:  (Ya I created this Website, heh)

Anyhow, I started the Recipe programs to help my family pay for medicine and expences for my son Nicholas who needed a Kidney transplant. My oldest son Nicholas was currently diagnosed with "End Term Renal Failure".
The Transplant was on March 24th 2003 at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto California (which actually hooks directly onto Stanford Med Center). Check out their site if you get the chance! They are doing AMAZING things there with medicine!

Although it's pretty much been a long haul so far with my son (4 years + of Dialysis at Children's in Denver, 7 months in Palo Alto, numerous trips back and forth from Denver to San Francisco) Prices of medicine ($25 co pay each prescription, but total started at about $600+ a month) WOW eh, hah. . . Things are finally starting to look up!

It's been pretty much a long hard road that we have had to follow! One thing I've learned through the experience is that there are an awful lot of children with health problems! I want to hug everyone of them and it's so hard to believe there are so many sick children in each and every hospital in the United States!
Some of these kids are tied to beds and this stuff goes to keeping them occupied during the hard times they are having! Another great place you can help with stuff is: The Ronald McDonalds House. Please help if you can!
My wife Tina donated one of her Kidneys to Nicholas and we have been currently undergoing recovery from a Kidney Transplant done at Stanford Medical Center.
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Angel Flight
Make A Wish
Give Kids The World
Please also visit these favorite sites that are the BEST childrens charities in the world:
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