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Copyright  2010 by "CraZyCaT"    All Rights reserved    E-Mail: CrazyCopyCat@msn.com
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CraZy CaTs Crazy CopyCat Recipes,
Works on Microsoft Windows
Works on Microsoft Windows 7
Works on Microsoft Windows
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A Lifetime of FREE Updates!
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Works with All Versions of Microsoft Windows

All of the CrazyCaT Software is compatible with ALL versions of Microsoft Windows!

As far as I know, The Crazy Copycat Recipes run's on ALL versions of Microsoft Windows, (Sorry only Microsoft Operating systems are supported at this time since thats all that I'm running.)

I test all of the CrazyCopyCat programs as much as I can and I have NEVER found there to be any problems what-so-ever so hopefully things will actually stay that way!

Here are a few questions I've had over the past years so if none of these fit your problem then please e-mail me and I will get you taken care of!
Got a question or need further help?  No problem!

Please eMail me if you need help!
Q.) I lost my code!  What can I do?
A.) Just e-mail me and let me know and I'll be happy to look it up!

How do I Uninstall the CrazyCopyCat Recipe Programs?
A.) There is only one file and thats the one you run the program with! Just delete the main EXE file!

Q.) Where do I put the UNLOCK Code? 
A.) After 3 or 4 trys some versions lock and you need to add your unlock code.  This code is registered to your email address you provided. (There are a few   FULL versions that have been released and if it don't ask you then you may have one of these.)

Q.) How do I get updates?
A.) Dates of releases and update locations are emailed promptly as they become available!  Please check your email you provided when you registered and your junk email boxes.

Q.) How do I change e-mail addresses?
A.) Just drop me an e-mail and tell me your old one, and your new one!
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